Be-Rented provide bespoke services to professional investors, both experienced and those new to the venture, efficiently, practically and cost effectively steering and guiding through each step of the process, giving you confidence and peace of mind, avoiding the stress that the challenges can bring.

We’ll discuss your strategy, be it long or short term, maximising the return on your capital, from identifying suitable properties, acquiring, re-modelling and/or refurbishing, through to renting or re-selling to private individual investors for long term returns or via the active residential market. Alternatively, the acquisition, remodelling and/or refurbishment of the property/properties and holding to rent, either as normal short-hold tenancy or developing into serviced property, both for longer gains.  

With extensive experience, we at Be-Rented understand the market dynamics and can provide you with a bespoke service to help you achieve exceptional returns through effective property investment, including the pros and cons of ‘flipping’.

New Investors

It is important to seek advice to avoid costly mistakes when embarking on your first venture and we will help you secure a profitable property investment whilst mitigating the risks.  We will tailor a solution for you appropriate to your financial circumstances and viability of your options, understanding your investment goals, helping you make informed choices and identifying the most suitable and tax efficient investment opportunities.

Experienced Investors

For more experienced investors, we can offer guidance and support with expanding or diversifying your portfolio, asset and exit management.  We can source deals around your investment criteria, location and property preferences (including furnished and tenanted properties) according to your investment strategy and goals.  If you require help with research or additional expertise, liaison with lawyers or brokers on your behalf, we can take the hassle out of the process where you may be time poor but cash rich.  It is a fully bespoke service, one size does not fit all!

Coupled with our property letting and management services, your end to end personal and impartial investment property solution is a phone call away.  Call 01355 302061 or complete the form below.

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